05 January 2007

Three More Literary Quotes

And you know you are an obsessive book person when you buy books you already have in multiples, and there is nothing at all special about the new copy you buy except that you are protecting it from people who don’t understand it.

book collector Sally Spooner

A curse for underhanded bookdealers: Let them have a copious variety of urgent, but fraudulent, book orders and increasingly tempting Nigerian schemes richly laden with ornate subordinate clauses, Victorian circumlocutions of cloying sweetness, and semi-plausible misspellings. Furthermore, let their own spellchecker be seeded with random malapropisms.

bookdealer David Anderson

If you call yourself a bookdealer and don’t have a cat, then you’re not a bookdealer to us.

bookdealer Thomas Owen (tongue in cheek!)

03 January 2007

Quote of the Day

(I collected these for use on a different webpage but the focus of that project changed, so I have to post them here or some of them might never see the light of day.)

Spoke to a professor of cultural stuff last weekend—in one of his books he has stated that the book is probably one of the greatest forms of technology ever invented—it is cheap, portable, easily accessible and browseable, can be chucked at the cat—or the radio when G. W. Bush comes on, can be taken to the bath without risking electrocution etc—and that its days are far from numbered, in his estimation. I left his house a more optimistic man than when I entered it.

bookdealer Sean O’Donoghue