17 September 2008

A friend of mine asked me to post this, a rant that sprang up spontaneously after she watched this morning's news. Please feel free to forward it, stick it on your blog, etc.


Americans, Pay Attention!

by Judith Winters, An Angry Michigan Voter

September 16, 2008

Republican John McCain is now calling for regulation of Wall Street after the damage has been done. How much money have you lost with this debacle? Are the Republicans suddenly losing money on Wall Street too? Is that why they are suddenly in favor of regulation? Isn't this the world's biggest flip-flop?

Republican John McCain has been chair of the Senate committee that oversees commerce. Under his watch, the Republicans have deregulated commerce and this is the result.

John McCain and the Republicans like to deregulate and call it the free market.

John McCain and the Republicans have gutted regulations on the food we eat, allowing poisonous food to come into our country from around the world.

John McCain and the Republicans have gutted regulations that protect us and our children from lead paint on our toys.

John McCain and the Republicans have gutted regulations that serve to prevent abuse in the markets, allowing fraud and greed to run out of control.

John McCain and the Republicans have done a heckuva job with all their deregulation: Social Security, Medicare, prescription drugs are all in jeopardy. We are a debtor nation.

Due to this Republican administration, we're eight years behind in our efforts to raise fuel efficiency and to get off nonrenewable energy. Now they want to drill, drill, drill. Aren't they missing the point? Again?

Guess who's going to pay for all of this disastrous deregulation? We, the taxpayers. Republican John McCain and his corporate friends have wreaked havoc with our laws and yet none of them will pay a penalty.

Are you going to give the Republicans your vote again? Do you think, after all the Republicans have done, that we can trust John McCain?

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