26 May 2010

43 POD Publishers

. . . What is a POD publisher? It stands for Print on Demand. The first POD publisher started in the 1930s and printed books from microfilm but since the 1990s computer technology has made POD printing very affordable. The industry has been mushrooming ever since.

Below I list 43 POD publisher names that I have seen on used books. There are plenty more POD publishers out there, but they are not listed here unless I have seen one of their actual books either in person or listed on a used-book website.

For some of these companies I have shown what standard publisher they are owned by or affiliated with. For some I have shown the earliest date found on one of their books, or the date they were founded. I have also indicated what country they are located in, if not the US.

This is not an exhaustive list because more and more POD publishers seem to spring up daily.

1. AuthorHouse, US and UK branches, owned by Author Solutions

2. Bertrams Print on Demand

3. BiblioBazaar, 2007

4. BiblioLife, 2010

5. Blitzprint, Canada

6. Blurb, affiliated with Chronicle Books

7. Book Locker

8. The Book Pub

9. BookMobile, 1996

10. BookSurge, affiliated with R.R. Bowker

11. CafePress

12. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010

13. Cold Tree Press

14. Coral Hub Online Services, 2010

15. CreateSpace, owned by Amazon

16. Digital Impressions

17. Digitz.net, owned by BookSurge

18. Dodo Press, 2008

19. eBookStand, 1996

20. Echo Library, 2007

21. Ex Libris

22. 1stBooks Library, 2007

23. First Choice Books, Canada

24. General Books, 2010

25. GreatUnpublished, owned by BookSurge

26. Impressions Unlimited

27. IndyPublish, 2004

28. Infinity Publishing

29. iUniverse, owned by Author Solutions

30. Kessinger Publishing Company, 2004

31. Lightning Source, owned by new-book distributor Ingram

32. Lulu, 2007

33. NetPublications

34. Outskirts Press

35. Page Free Publishing

36. Read Books, 2008

37. Replica Books, owned by new-book distributor Baker & Taylor

38. Scribd, 2009, affiliated with Simon & Schuster

39. Sovereign Grace Publishers, owned by IndyPublish

40. Trafford Publishing, Canada, owned by Author Solutions

41. Tutis Digital Publishing, 2008

42. University Microfilms International, affiliated with University of Michigan, c.1938

43. Xlibris, 2008, owned by Author Solutions, affiliated with Random House


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