10 October 2006

Garage and Estate Sale Synonyms

Synonym List #97

I go to a lot of estate sales and on the way I have collected a wondrous assortment of amusing names people give to their sales. My collection so far, as of October 2006, has over five hundred different terms, but here I present just a few of the more unusual and unique ones, arranged by type. Each of these phrases was spotted either on a sign or in an ad placed by the seller.

We Have Too Much Junque!

House Has Grown Too Large For Garage Sale

What The Heirs Did Not Want Garage Sale!

Grandma’s Cleaning The House Sale!

Oh My! Cleaning Mom’s House Sale

He’s Cleaning Out His Garage Sale

Avid Collectors Downsizing Sale

Ridiculously Large Garage Sale

Seven Ladies & A Garage Sale!

Shopaholic Recovery Program

Retirement Reduction Sale

Shopaholic Cleans House!

My Junk, Your Treasure

Ran Out Of Room Sale

Spoiled Children Sale

Pack Rats Going Zen!

Huge Baby Sale


Our Sign Is Too Small!

ABC SALE — Affordable, Big & Clean!

VBS — Very Big Sale!







Marriage and Breakup Sales

Home Consolidation Sale

Foreclosure Moving Sale

Merged Household Sale

Pre-Demolition Sale

Got Married Sale

Just Married Sale

Downsizing Sale

Demolition Sale

Teardown Sale

Divorce Sale

Where It’s At

Driveway Sale

Car Boot Sale (UK)

Shop On The Beach Sub Sale

Condo Clubhouse Parking Lot Sale

Virtual, Online, Mega, E-Garage Sale

It’s Huge, It’s Cheap

Not Your Ordinary Garage Sale

Mega Make An Offer Moving Sale

Once In A Lifetime Fabulous Estate Sale

Everything You Can Imagine Sale

Mother Of All Garage Sales

Mega #4 Generation Sale

U Won’t Believe It Sale

Super Size Garage Sale

Name Your Price Sale

Chachkas Galore!

Garagezilla Sale

Moving Out & Moving In

Leaving Sale

Florida Bound Sale

Aftermove Garage Sale

Empty Nest Furniture Sale

From Big House To Little Condo

College Student Moving Out Sale

Married Awhile Plan To Move Sale

Kids Are Moving On Sale & Grandma’s Attic

Moving From Large Home To Small RV Sale

Retiring And Moving To Florida Sale

Moving To A Loft In The City Sale

We’re Outta Here Moving Sale

Moving Back To Europe Sale

Getting Ready To Move Sale

Moving Cum Garage Sale

Really Something Special

Life Affirming Rock & Roll Garage Sale

Gala Garage & Hungarian Pastry Sale

Another Damned Garage Sale

Mostly For Men Garage Sale

Top Of The Line Estate Sale

Treasures & Trinkets Sale

Before Snow Flies Sale

Superlative Junk Sale

Hodge-Podge Sale

Bachelor’s Sale

In + Out Sale

Fifty Cent Sale

Jumble Sale (UK)

Garage Saler’s Sale

Bonanza Sale Of The Season

Senior’s Trash And Treasure Sale

Science Fiction Lover’s Dream Sale

One Little 10 Year Old With One Big Garage Sale!

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