19 October 2009

10 Embarrassing College Degrees

. . . I would expect most people are proud to earn a college degree and sport some impressive postnominals. Unless the degree comes with a really embarrassing set of initials, like these:

1. A.S.S. = Associate in Secretarial Science

2. B.A.A.S. = Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

3. B.M. = Baccalaureus Medicinae (Bachelor of Medicine)

4. B.O. = Bachelor of Oratory

5. B.S. = Bachelor of Science

6. M.A.C.E. = Master of Air Conditioning Engineering

7. M.A.G. = Master of Arts in Gerontology

8. M.Dip. = Master in Diplomacy

9. R.H.I.T. = Registered Health Information Technician

10. S.T.D. = Sacrae Theologiae Doctor (Doctor of Sacred Theology)


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