17 October 2009

How to Kill Mal*Wart

. . . Just a short post today, no word list, so sorry.

If you know me, you have probably heard me ranting about supporting independent businesses; well, I found a website where you can list your favorite indie bizes, and find indie bizes listed by other folks:


I found this website while looking for used books; the website is sponsored by the American Booksellers Association and focuses on independent bookstores, but they have plenty of other categories.

Anyway, I joined last week and have already added my favorite local hardware store:


the Chinese food store where I buy rice:


the last really good brick-and-mortar bookstore near me:


and some others.

Now I'm spreading the word and hoping everyone will join up and list more indie bizes. Together we can kill the Mal*Warts of the world and save the economy!


Find and browse reputable independent used-book stores at www.tomfolio.com



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