11 October 2009

The Demming List

. . . 22 aliases used by the notorious internet scammer Margaret Demming, 191 27th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11214, between 2002 to 2006.

Her ploy was simple. She would contact a used bookdealer, be very friendly and chatty, tell the bookdealer all about herself and her many children, order a few inexpensive books and send cash in the mail. Soon she would contact the same bookdealer again, order a few more inexpensive books and again send cash. Then she would place a large order, sometimes for as many as 20 or 30 books, but never send payment. Often she would still get the books because of a longstanding tradition among used bookdealers of sending the books immediately, rather than waiting for the money to arrive, if the customer is known to the dealer.

Online bookdealers began privately sharing this scammer's address and her multiple false names some time prior to January 2005. An intrepid bookdealer reported her to the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office in early 2005 but, as far as I know, no action was taken to prosecute her. In April 2006 she was banned from ordering through Abebooks, and the security division of Abe even sent out a general alert about her. I have not heard about her trying to scam any used bookstores since July 2006.

So, without further ado, the 22 fake names (plus fake emails and fake charities) she invented to scam innocent used bookdealers, as seen by me or reported by other bookdealers:

1. Margaret Demming or Deming

2. brooklynkid7@juno.com, brooklynkid14@juno.com

3. Margrette Delning

4. astroaquarious7@hotmail.com

5. ConeyIslandRules@netscape.net

6. Mellfantler FM, Library and Tutoring Advisor, Avis Teaching, propergander714@yahoo.com

7. E. Douing, Assistant of Department for Elder Care, WindWood Hospice Home for Elder Care

8. E. Douing, Library Assistant

9. Margaret Melander or M.F. Melander, Director, Brooklyn Study Center, silenceofmind7@yahoo.com

10. Sister Margretta Dewing, Hospice Home Care for the Aged

11. Miranda Mecklander, Fairpoint Rehabilation Care Center, Brooklyn, dewung77@yahoo.com (note the misspelling of Rehabilitation)

12. Miranda Mergrander, Mercy Cares Charity of Brooklyn

13. Michael Cervisio, Veteran's Advisor, Harway Veterans Group

14. Dewung

15. Donning

16. Meadlaner

17. Meadlender

18. Mejarnder

19. Melrandra

20. Melwandler

21. Merklender

22. Nermandler


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